[zh-l10n] Re: coordinator

Patrick D'Cruze pdcruze於orac.iinet.net.au
Thu 6月 22 10:58:54 UTC 2000

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 10:20:02PM -0400, François Pinard wrote:
> [Pofeng Lee]
> > But I think we can set up a mailing list gateway between zh於li.org &
> > zh-l10n於li.org.tw to avoid political problem :-) .
> Patrick, would you have `zh於li.org' forward into `zh-l10n於li.org.tw'?

I can do this quite easily however, as Pofeng mentions in his email, there
may be political consequences of using Taiwanese resources/mailing list
to develop ZH support for GNU/Linux.  I seem to have missed much of the
discussion regarding this change, so could someone just send me a quick
email outlining why we're making this change?  Thanks.

> Doing so, messages sent to `zh於li.org' will be seen by `zh-l10n於li.org.tw'
> members.  But if you also manage to send `zh-l10n於li.org.tw' into
> `zh於li.org', I presume loops might occur unless special dispositions are
> taken to avoid such problems.  Could current `zh於li.org' members subscribe
> into `zh-l10n於li.org.tw'?

Hmm.  I'm not sure what the best solution is.  It's difficult trying
to synchronise two mailing lists to each other.  The best option is
to use one mailing list for all traffic - whether that mailing list
live in the USA (zh於li.org) or Taiwan (zh-l10n於li.org.tw).  Then there
are no synchronisation problems or mail loops.  And subscribers of the
list receive all messages.

Of course, you may also wish to have the two mailing lists separate from
each other.  Or a third option might be to subscribe one list to the other
so that email sent to the first list would be automatically forwarded to
the second list.

Patrick D'Cruze

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