[zh-l10n] Re: coordinator

François Pinard pinard於IRO.UMontreal.CA
Thu 6月 22 02:20:02 UTC 2000

[Pofeng Lee]

> I am going to resign from the coordinator ( the team leader ).  And Mr
> Shyue will take this job.  [...] What else we should do ?

OK, I made the changes in the TP registry.  Please check:


and tell me if I goofed in any way.

> But I think we can set up a mailing list gateway between zh於li.org &
> zh-l10n於li.org.tw to avoid political problem :-) .

Patrick, would you have `zh於li.org' forward into `zh-l10n於li.org.tw'?

Doing so, messages sent to `zh於li.org' will be seen by `zh-l10n於li.org.tw'
members.  But if you also manage to send `zh-l10n於li.org.tw' into
`zh於li.org', I presume loops might occur unless special dispositions are
taken to avoid such problems.  Could current `zh於li.org' members subscribe
into `zh-l10n於li.org.tw'?

> There is an interesting relationship between Mainland China & Taiwan.
> I am afraid that if we change the address, some people would get upset
> about that.  Before that, I would stay on zh於li.org & zh-l10n於linux.org.tw.

Things are not fully set up, currently in the Translation Project, for
having many official addresses for a single team, but if it just cannot
be avoided, I could dive into the robot code and try to manage something.
Thing would be much simpler if we had a single official address for the team.

May we try using the new email address for a while, and see how translators
react?  I presume everybody will understand that no offence is intended?
Is that workable, and acceptable?

François Pinard   http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard

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